Together Again Program Revamped

The Together Again competition program will get revamped at the 17th Zagreb Film Festival. Alongside the authors continuously followed by ZFF, directors whose works were distributed by ZFF will also be included this year. Also, the Golden Bicycle award for best film will be awarded by the audience instead of the jury.

This year’s program includes new films from the workshops of two famous Nordic directors. About Endlessness, a new film by Roy Andersson, described by the Guardian film critic as a bittersweet compilation of existentialist sketches inhabited by lost souls and lonely hearts. It arrives to ZFF from Venice after winning the Silver Lion for Best Direction. Thanks to its strong female protagonist who challenges the system, critics compare the warm and humorous human drama The County, by Icelandic director Grímur Hákonarson, to the cinema smash Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Like his previous film, Rams, which inaugurated the 13th ZFF, The County takes us deep into the Icelandic countryside. Its heroine, a quiet and hardworking dairy farm owner who finds herself deep in debt after her husband’s death, decides to stand up to the monopoly of the exploitative local co-op.