Sub-program MEDIA supports ZFF once again

Sub-program MEDIA within the Creative Europe program, aimed at the European audio-visual industry, helps European filmmakers in the development of new films, search for partners, and finding audiences outside national borders. As a part of the second deadline for the co-financing of festivals (EACEA 26/2019), Zagreb Film Festival managed to secure financial support of 35.000 Euros as one of the 34 co-financed European festivals out of 103 projects.

This year again, submissions from countries with low production capabilities were most successful because they’ve received financing for 13 festivals. For comparison, 12 festivals from countries with high production capabilities and 9 festivals from countries with mid-level production capabilities were also financed.

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (ECEA) rated Zagreb Film Festival’s submission with the following words: “Zagreb Film Festival offers a wide array of activities for existing and future audience. Also, it organizes a number of satellite activities during the year which are educational in character. In their programming, special attention is given to the promotion of European films and talents. Continued cooperation of the Festival with other festivals on the regional and international stage is certainly its added value. The Festival’s organizational team also distributes their own films and successfully cooperates with others European festivals and industry…”