Thanks Everyone for the Best ZFF So Far! See You in 2017!

This year’s 14th edition of Zagreb Film Festival has been the most successful so far – in the past nine days, Zagreb lived and breathed with cinema, the screenings were attended by more people than ever, a record-breaking number of guests visited the festival, and our six locations, from Europa and Tuškanac to the Museum of Contemporary Art, screened over 100 films in several section.

For the first time in the history of the festival one morning screening was sold out – the one of the Croatian film Quit Staring at My Plate by Hana Jušić, the special mention winner, at Tuškanac cinema.

“Every year we promise ourselves to have an even bigger and better festival, but I can safely say, without false modesty, that this was the biggest festival edition so far,” said in the media release the festival director, Boris T. Matić.

The feature film competition winner is the Egyptian entry, Clash by Mohamed Diab, a brilliantly directed and educational film providing new insights into the recent revolutionary events in Egypt. Among the 13 feature competition films were as many as four Croatian productions and co-productions, and most interest was sparked by the already mentioned Plate by Hana Jušić.

Since this year a competition, the Together Again section brought to ZFF an old acquaintance of ours, Romanian director Cristi Puiu, who presented his film Sieranevada, a Croatian minority stake co-production, which earned him an award. The winners in all the competition categories are available HERE.

ZFF also launched a retrospective of the acclaimed German director Andreas Dresen, a 14th ZFF jury member, which will be screening another four of his films by 14 December.

Among the 12 festival programs was also Bib for Kids by RBA, celebrating its 10th birthday with a film and a cake. Some parts of the program were screened in Split, Rijeka and Varaždin, and ZFF in November and December also travels to Čakovec and Samobor.

Thanks everyone for your great interest in film and film events – see you in November next year!