The Great 5 Presents Julieta, Almodóvar’s Latest Film

At 5pm, Tuškanac Cinema continues with the popular program The Great 5 and Julieta, the latest work by Pedro Almodóvar, based on the Nobel Prize winning writer Alice Munro’s short story collection. Based on this short story collection, Julieta also marks the director’s return to the stories that made him famous, focusing on strong and complex heroines.

Fifty-year-old Julieta moves with her partner Lorenzo from a lavish apartment in Madrid to Portugal. When she accidentally bumps into Bea, a former best friend of Julieta’s missing daughter Antia, she learns that Antia is well and has a family. This discovery makes Julieta change her plans about Portugal and rents an apartment in the building where she used to live with Antia.