The Screenwriting Master Fred Breinersdorfer Arriving to Zagreb This Autumn!

The award-winning short story writer, playwright and short film screenwriter, author of stage plays and radio shows, who earned global fame as the writer and co-producer of Sophie Scholl: The Final Days, Fred Breinersdorfer, is coming this autumn to Zagreb to have a masterclass at the 14th ZFF Industry.

At the masterclass, he will share his thoughts about how to conduct historical research for film needs. How to channel the results into a dramatic plot? What to use, what to leave out? How to fit in fictional elements into the dramatic structure/plot? How to inspire and educate the cast and crew (director, talents etc.) with non-fiction facts? How to present the screenwriting procedure and, finally, how to use this research for promotional purposes?

On Monday, 14 November at 2pm, ahead of the masterclass, a free screening of Sophie Scholl: The Final Days will take place, the film which earned an Oscar nomination in the best foreign language film category in 2006. The masterclass is scheduled for 4pm.

Please note that the screening tickets are free to the full capacity of F22 – New Academic Scene in 22 Frankopanska Street.