ZFF Film Club for Cinephiles 54+

The Zagreb Film Festival and the Network of Festivals in the Adriatic Region organize a film criticism workshop for film lovers over the age of 54. For five days, participants from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro will have the opportunity to follow the festival program, with a focus on the Network of Festivals program. In addition to screenings, the workshop will consist of daily get-togethers and debates about the films they have watched. At the end of the festival, the participants’ reviews will be published online. The workshop mentor is film critic and educator Nino Kovačić.


Nino Kovačić is a freelance author, programming and production associate of different film festivals (Animafest, Zagreb Film Festival, ZagrebDox, 25 FPS, Croatian Film Days, etc.). As a film educator he runs film analysis workshops, primarily for children and youth. He published film criticism and articles in professional periodicals (Filmonaut, Croatian Film Chronicle…), online (Kulturpunkt, tportal, Zona filma) and at Channel 3 of the Croatian Radio. He is a member of the Croatian Society of Film Critics and FIPRESCI.