ZFF is coming to your town, as well!

This year again, ZFF Travels program will share a part of excellent ZFF atmosphere outside the capital. After last year’s record-breaking twenty cities, this year, despite the epidemiological situation, ZFF Travels will visit thirteen lucky cities: Bjelovar, Čakovec, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Koprivnica, Lastovo, Rijeka, Samobor, Slatina, Split, Šibenik, Varaždin, and Velika Gorica.

ZFF’s traveling program will include selected films in which audiences in 13 cities and 15 cinemas across Croatia will be able to enjoy simultaneously with the online edition of the festival. We have Father from the Main competition program, Undine from The Great 5, and Too Far Away from KinoKino festival program which will be held under the banner of the 18th edition of the Zagreb Film Festival.

Father, a new film by Srđan Golubović, which will open this year’s festival and which is shown out of competition, premiered in the Panorama program of Berlinale in February where it won the audience’s and the Ecumenical Jury award. The film’s success continued in Pula where it won the audience’s award becoming the first film in Pula Film Festival’s history to win with an average score of 5,0. In the main role of the film, which critics dub “the Balkan version of Paris, Texas”, is the impressive Goran Bogdan, who embodied a desperate marginalized father who turns into a hero of our age.

Undine is a modern fairy tale inspired by a dark myth about a water fairy who can earn a soul only if she marries a human. In the newest film of German director, Christian Petzold (Barbara, Phoenix, Transit), Undine (Paula Beer) is a historian and a young urban woman working in a museum. When her lover Johannes leaves her, Undine must submit to an ancient myth: if the man she loves betrays her, she must kill him and return to the water. But before she does it, she meets Christoph. In this modern reinterpretation of The Little Syren, Undine casts away the role of a rejected, helpless woman and falls in love again. The film premiered at Berlinale where Paula Beer received a Silver Bear for best actress.

ZFF packed a little something in its travelling suitcase for its youngest audience, the film Too Far Away from the KinoKino festival program. 11-year-old Ben and his family must move to a nearby town because an open pit will soon swallow their village. At first, he’s excited to live in a big city, but Ben is soon bitterly disappointed. His new peers avoid him at school and he doesn’t know how to fit in. And he misses being a football star like he was in his home town. When he meets Tariq, a Syrian refugee, Ben considers him a rival at first, but they soon discover they have more in common than they thought.

Sarah Winkenstette is a German scriptwriter and director, and Too Far Away is her first feature. The film premiered at 27 international festival and it won several awards.

Come and be a part of ZFF’s audience in your city!

Schedule of all screenings is available here.