ZFF Travels: Noted European and Regional Films from the Festival Program in Cinemas all over Croatia

Only one month to go till the anniversary edition of ZFF. The festival will celebrate its first 20 years with numerous hits of European and regional production in different programs.

ZFF’s anniversary will be held at several locations in Zagreb from October 23-30, and as each year, a selection from the festival program titled ZFF travels will transfer part of the festival atmosphere to other Croatian cities.

Part of the main program of this year’s edition, as well as the traveling selection, will also be the Berlin winner, the Spanish Oscar candidate and the first film in Catalan to win the Golden Bear: Alcarràs by director Carle Simón. The touching rural drama about a Catalan family which falls into a feud under the pressure of capital is the director’s second feature film. The program Together Again will feature the new film by director from Bosnia and Herzegovina Pjer Žalica May Labor Day. ZFF’s audience is already familiar with this Sarajevo director ever since the beginning of the festival, when he received the special jury prize (2003) for his first feature film Fuse, and who is returning this year to Zagreb cinemas with his dark humor drama which closed this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival.

A part of the regular side-program The Great 5 is the French hit, a film by Mikhaël Hers The Passengers of the Night with Charlotte Gainsbourg in the lead role. The light and seductive drama, which premiered at the Berlinale and then in Karlovy Vary, is a nostalgic portrait of a family, and at the same time the director’s love letter to Paris from another, bygone era.

A part of ZFF Travels will be a film from the festival’s program intended for children and youth, the Dutch science fiction hit Captain Nova, about a scientist who returns to the past to prevent a climate catastrophe, but her mission is sidetracked by the fact the journey through time transformed her into a young girl who no one takes seriously.

Parallel to the central festival in Zagreb, ZFF Travels has been held for years in cinemas who are members of the Cinema Network. The program was started in order to present the festival program and atmosphere to the audience throughout Croatia. The list of cinemas which will participate in the program will be available on ZFF’s official website.