Cannes Winner at ZFF: Östlund’s Provocative Satire “Triangle of Sadness”

Ruben Östlund’s latest film Triangle of Sadness will have its Croatian premiere out of competition in the Main Program of the 20th ZFF. This powerful satire mocking the idle rich which secured the celebrated Swede’s second Palme d’Or in Cannes this year will be distributed in cinemas all over Croatia by ZFF.

The film follows Carl and Yaya who are invited to a luxury cruise in the company of the ultra-rich – a Russian oligarch, British arms dealers and the eccentric, alcoholic captain. At first, everything seems perfectly Instagrammable, but a storm is brewing and the luxurious dinner with the captain is spoiled by all-around seasickness. Part of the passengers and crew end up stranded on a deserted island. Discovering that only one of them can catch fish, the hierarchy among the marooned is suddenly turned upside down. One of the actors is Zlatko Burić Kićo, a member of the feature film jury of the 20th ZFF, who will hold a masterclass at this year’s festival, and Woody Harrelson stars as captain of the ship.

Östlund will also be featured in the side program LUX,  realized in collaboration with the European Parliament, with his acclaimed feature debut about peer bullying. Play was  one of the three finalists for the LUX Award in 2011. The film follows a group of teenagers from African immigrant families in the centre of Gothenburg who devise a complex game of deception, manipulation and humiliation in order to steal the mobile phones of white and Asian boys. Instead of physical violence, the offenders used a good cop-bad cop strategy, playing off the stereotypes about black immigrants in order to intimidate their victims. One of Östlund’s most unsettling works, Play caused widespread controversy upon its release in Sweden and sparked a public debate about race, class and the abuse of power.