How to Get Your Hands on ZFF’s Poster?

This year’s ZFF visual has captured the attention of our audience, so many will be thrilled that the posters of the 19th edition of the festival will be available at ZFF’s ticket office in the SC Cinema lobby. The posters will come in B1 and B2 formats and will be available from Monday, November 12, for the whole duration of the festival, during the working hours of the ticket office. The price is 30 HRK.

The poster is dominated by the central motif of this year’s visual identity of ZFF, the anthological example of modernist architecture in Zagreb — the so-called Richter’s skyscrapers, popularly named “Rockets”. Three residential skyscrapers in Trnje from the late 1960’s were built in the brutalist style based on the project by architects Berislav Šerbetić, Vjenceslav Richter, Ljubo Iveta and Olga Korenik. To honor these famous buildings, the residents of the “Rockets” will have a 20% discount on tickets (ID must be shown at the ticket office).

The photograph on this year’s poster was taken by our longtime associate, manager of Tuškanac Cinema Tihana Iva Prolić, and Zagreb’s skyline stretches behind the “Rockets” with another famous skyscraper from the same period — Zagrepčanka by Slavko Jelinek and Berislav Vinković. The author of ZFF’s visual charm dominating the poster is our associate Pero Vojković, author of the festival’s visual identity and design of visual communications.