VIDEO: From an idea for a TV show to the pitching forum

The third day of ZFF’s Industry brings us a two-hour lecture about identifying the core and concept with the goal of preparing and presenting your ideas for a TV show.

Conceived as a conversation between an experienced expert Valeria Richter (scriptwriter and producer of projects in development) and Helene Granqvist (producer), this masterclass deals with preparation and testing of the original project idea to the phase when it is presentable to forums, before decision makers and representatives of film foundations/centres. The goals of this lecture are to make a cross-section of a strategy for a proper analysis of your project, and how to steer it in the direction which will help its development.

During their long careers, Helene Granqvist and Valeria Richter have amassed an exceptional level of experience in the process of making international film and television projects of all genres and formats, and together they’ve worked on some projects as experts for pitching events.

The event is organized in cooperation with CED – Media Office Croatia and Serbia.