VIDEO: From Emotion to Monster in Video Games

The Industry program of the 18th Zagreb Film Festival launches with the masterclass by Cornelia Geppert, creative director of the Berlin studio Jo-Mei, who explains how she designed monsters based on emotions on the example of the successful video game “Sea of Solitude”.

“Sea of Solitude” is a game about struggling with your inner monsters and overcoming loneliness. The game follows Kay, a young woman awaking in a stormy ocean. She embarks on a journey to find out what happened to her, encountering other monsters, who, like her, suffer from loneliness.

Geppert was the “Sea of Solitude” scriptwriter, designer and creative director. This lecture is a look behind the scenes – who are the monsters in the game? How did they become monsters? And how did Jo-Meil approach the design based on every type of loneliness? Cornelia Geppert describes in depth the process of design and development, and talks about the challenges Jo-Mei, a small team with big ambitions, faced during the game development.

The event is realized within the DigiTelling project, organized by the French Institute in Croatia and Goethe-Institut Kroatien, with the support of the French-German Cultural Fund and in collaboration with the initiative Edu4Games.