Love and youth in focus on Tuesday

The fifth festival day in Tuškanac Cinema will be marked by two screenings of an excellent debut film by Australian director Shannon Murphy, Babyteeth from the feature film competition – at 9.30 AM and 8 PM. When a sick teenager Milla (Eliza Scanlen – Sharp Objects) falls in love with Moses, a small time dealer with a mullet and tattooed face, her parents (Ben Mendelsohn – Animal Kingdom, Essie Davis – The Babadook) are horrified at first. But the new romance makes Milla hunger for life again, so her parents throw caution out of the window and let the avalanche run its course. Toby Wallace won the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actor at the Venice International Film Festival.

At 2 PM at Tuškanac Cinema there is a screening of Stupid Young Heart from the PLUS program, the Finnish-Dutch-Swedish film directed by Selma Vilhunen, winner of the Best Film Award of Generation 14plus at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. At 5 PM there is a screening of the French film by Nicolas Bedos, La Belle Époque from the Great 5 program. A quirky romantic comedy about a grumpy 60-year-old Victor (Daniel Auteuil – Hidden) who is convinced his best days are long gone so he accepts an interesting offer to return to the ‘70s, his “golden” period.

In Tuškanac at 10.30 PM, we continue the competition program for short films. In the Checkers program we will see Elephant’s Graveyard by Filip Mojzeš and Summer Fruits by Josip Lukić, and in the international short film competition program we will see Kingdom Come by Sean Robert Dunn, author of British by the Grace of God which received special recognition at ZFF in 2017, as well as this year’s participant of the My First Scenario workshop, the Swedish-American The Liberation of Harold Kvist by Melina Maraki, and the Nepalese-British film Ashmina directed by Dekel Berenson. The films will be presented at their screenings by their young authors.

In the Museum of Contemporary Art at 5 PM, there is a screening of the Danish film Wildwitch directed by Kaspar Munk from the Bib for Kids program. Clara is seemingly a normal 12-year-old girl. One day, a mysterious black cat scratches her and she gets the ability to communicate with animals and finds out she’s a member of a family of wild witches who have a special bond with nature. At 7 PM in the Museum, we can see Ema, a turbulent meditation about the human body, dancing, and motherhood directed by the legendary Chilean director Pablo Larraín (Jackie, Neruda, Toni Manero).

The program My First Film: In Memoriam, curated by film critic Nenad Polimac and dedicated to authors who have passed away in the past two years, starts today in KIC Hall at 7 PM with the screening of La Pointe Courte by the famous French director Agnès Varda. This innovative debut was a forerunner of Godard’s Breathless, and gave the author the nickname of the grandmother of the new wave. It is a poignant study of a marriage in which a stylized, melancholic depiction of a marriage crisis is mixed with documentarist scenes of the brutal everyday life of a fisherman’s village. In the Fragments of the Exile program at the same place at 9 PM we can see Import Export by the famous Austrian director Ulrich Seidl.