• Gojko Berkuljan
  • Montenegro, Serbia
  • 2017.
  • 80'
  • Iskra

Crime drama inspired by a society in which crime and corruption have crept from the margins into the everyday life of the ordinary man. Petar is a retired detective with little to fill his days. All he’s got left in life is his daughter Iskra, a young journalist. The monotony of his retirement days is interrupted when Igor, Iskra’s colleague, informs him that she’s gone missing. While working on a story, she borrowed Igor’s car in a rush and hasn’t come back since. The car is found in a ditch by the road, but without a trace of Iskra. The evidence points to another person being in the car. The search for his daughter and the reason of her disappearance take Petar back to his past, and his world of lies starts slowly disintegrating.

Subtitles: EN

Gojko Berkuljan

Born in Cetinje in 1990. In 2014, he graduated in directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje. He has directed short fiction and documentary films. Iskra is his feature debut. He works in the Documentary program of the Radio and Television of Montenegro.


Gojko Berkuljan
Ana Vujadinović, Gojko Berkuljan
Mirko Vlahović, Mladen Nelević, Jelena Simić, Aleksandar Gavranić, Dragan Račić, Mišo Obradović, Irina Dragojević, Zoran Vujović, Aleksandar Radulović, Karmen Bardak, Jovan Dabović
Nemanja Dabanović
Gojko Berkuljan, Srđan Stanojević
Ivica Vidanović, Marija Nikčević, Srđan Milošević, Igor Đuranović
Trust Agency, Cinnamon Production
Festivals & Awards
Herceg Novi – Montenegro Film Festival 2017