Wednesday at ZFF brings the Croatian premiere of ‘The Staffroom’ by Sonja Tarokić

Wednesday at Zagreb Film Festival will be marked by the long-awaited Croatian premiere of the Sonja Tarokić’s debut feature film, and the audience will also have the opportunity to see the winner of the Cannes award for originality, the new film by Joachim Trier, and a whole range of films, while the youngest audience will enjoy another screening from the KinoKino festival program.

The program at the SC Cinema starts at 18.30 h with the screening of the Icelandic film Lamb by Vladimar Jóhannsson. This creepy folklore fairytale gives a completely unexpected and disturbing portrait of family life and follows a couple who adopt an unusual newborn. The film, which won the Prize of Originality at Cannes and is nominated for the EFA’s European Discovery Award, stars Noomi Rapace. The film also screens at Tuškanac Cinema at 10.30 h. The film The Staffroom, debut feature film of director Sonja Tarokić, who is known to ZFF’s audience for her short films screened over the years in the Checkers program, including the On Shaky Ground, which won the Golden Pram (12th ZFF, 2014), will have its national premiere at SC Cinema at 21 h. This Altman-like drama about the dynamics and inner conflicts between the staff of an elementary school won two special awards at Karlovy Vary — the main and ecumenical jury prize. The film will be presented by the director, lead actress Marina Redžepović, and part of the film crew, and there will be a talk after the screening. The Staffroom will also screen at Tuškanac Cinema at 13 h.

The program at Tuškanac Cinema continues at 17 h with the screening of the film The Good Boss, the new film from the Great 5 program which presents selected titles from Europe’s biggest cinematographies. The dark cooperative satire directed by Fernando León de Aranoa is the current Spanish Oscar candidate, and the charismatic protagonist who embodies the friendly face of capitalist corruption is embodied by Javier Bardem. The new film by Joachim Trier, the playful and goofy romantic drama The Worst Person in the World, screens at the same location at 19.30 h in the Together Again program. In his newest work, which critics have dubbed the must-see film for millennials, which is also the final part of the Oslo trilogy, the Norwegian director brings a contemporary portrait of young people at the turning points in their lives. The block of film titles from the competition program of international short film and Checkers starts at 22 h: with Croatian titles Incendiary by David Gašo and Fall of Our Summer by Karlo Vorih at the Tuškanac Cinema’s screen will be joined by shorts All the Crows In The World by Tang Yi and North Pole by Marija Apčevska.

The new film by Radu Jude, the winner of the Berlin Golden Bear Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn, will screen at 18 h at &TD Theatre, and the lead actress Katia Pascariu will announce the film and tell the audience a bit more about it after the screening. At the same location, the incisive and intriguing study of a family breakdown in a Haneke-style cat-and-mouse story — Human Factors by Ronny Trocker screens at 20.30 h. The film is part of the program Network of Festivals in the Adriatic Region and will be also available online until the end of the week on At Urania, the screening of the film The Sentries of the Delta by Romanian director Liviu Marghidan at 18 h continues the program of the KinoKino Festival for the youngest audience, and the story about a group of children on summer holidays on the Danube’s delta is filled with important messages about the environment and man’s relation to nature.

The panel Spotlight Italy in ZFF’s Industry platform, which will take place from 17 h at the Italian Cultural Institute, the topic will be the possibilities of co-production collaboration between Croatia and Italy. Guest experts from the Italian film industry will present their national audiovisual system, with special emphasis on the co-production forum When East Meets West, as well as the RE-ACT workshops. The event is organized by the Italian Institute for International Trade in Zagreb — ICE Agency, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Croatia and the Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb.