Thursday at ZFF brings charming NYC dramedy and a melancholic Arctic road movie

Thursday’s program in SC Cinema starts at 18.30 h with the charming American indie dramedy Queen of Glory, directed by Nana Mensah, winner of Best Director at the Tribeca Festival. We follow Sara, a Ghanaian American, while she more or less successfully balances her incompatible life choices. For instance, between her doctoral studies and moving to Ohio with a married father of two. The film will also be screened in Tuškanac Cinema at 10.30 h. Compartment No. 6, a melancholic road movie awarded the Grand Prix in Cannes, screens at 21 h in SC Cinema. The second film by Finnish director Juho Kuosmanen (The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki — ZFF 2016), follows the unusual encounter of a young Finnish archaeologist and a tipsy Russian miner and shows us that sometimes we can find understanding in the most unexpected places. Compartment No. 6 can also be seen in the early afternoon in Tuškanac Cinema at 13 h.

In Urania, at 18 h, our youngest audience can watch Any Day Now, another feature film from the KinoKino program. Shown at Berlinale in the Generation Kplus program, Any Day Now is a warm story about a boy from Iran who lives with his family in a refugee center in Finland. Just as the family starts enjoying their holidays, they receive news their asylum was rejected. Along with the Zagreb audience, audiences around Croatia will be able to watch the film within the ZFF Travels program.

The program continues in Tuškanac Cinema at 17 h with Gagarine, the French representative in the Great 5 program, a nostalgic homage to Cité Gagarine, an Utopian collective housing project. Young Youri lives in a huge housing complex on the outskirts of Paris and dreams of becoming an astronaut. But the building is facing demolition and Youri and his friends are determined to transform the space ship before it disappears into space forever. At 19.30 h in Tuškanac Cinema, we have The Box, a new film by the Venezuelan master Lorenzo Vigas, a tense psychological thriller about a boy who obsessively tries to infiltrate a stranger’s life, convinced he is his father. A block of films from the international competition program of short films and Checkers: Croatian films Libero and Loose, and Ukrainian Dad’s Sneakers, as well as Hungarian Break screens at 22 h.

Thursday at &TD Theatre starts at 18 h with the true must-see film for lost millennials, the goofy romantic drama of maturing The Worst Person in the World by Joachim Trier. The heroine Julie (Renate Reinsve, Cannes 2021 – Best Actress) is still looking for her true calling, life passion and true love in her 30’s, and is not afraid to discard everything standing in the way. The Enemy, the new film from the program Network of Festivals in the Adriatic Region, screens at the same location at 20.30 h. This Belgian film is inspired by a true story which divided public opinion when a dead mistress was found in the hotel room of a well-known politician. The politician’s wife is played by Alma Jodorowsky (Blue is the Warmest Color), the granddaughter of the legendary Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Masterclass by Katia Pascariu, lead actress in Radu Jude’s Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn, starts at 17 h in Kinoteka Cinema. The jury member of this year’s ZFF will reveal more about working with one of the greatest contemporary Romanian directors and about filming the Golden Bear winning film in the midst of the pandemic.