Guguto Memeto (A village on the edge of reason)

  • Branislav Stošić
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2023
  • 18'

– Available at from 7 Nov, 10:00 until 12 Nov, 23:00

Guguto Memeto is a fairytale-like story set in a village on the edge of reason. Slutka, the village shaman, can predict who will be the next to die. Opposite her lives a typesetter – Moća. He arranges letters on the crosses of the deceased. Their houses are connected with a wire on which Slutka’s ominous bird sits. Moča lives a quiet and monotonous life, until one day he receives a piece of paper with his name on it.

Subtitles: EN, HR

Branislav Stošić

Branislav Stošić Ježa (Vranje, 1998) is a Film and TV Directing student at the Banja Luka Academy of Arts. He has directed and written six short films, one documentary and two music videos. His film Prometheus of Culture was supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and was shown in an omnibus at the FilmFestival Cottbus. His film Talog won a Special Jury Prize at the Sarajevo FF. He also writes poetry, for which he was awarded in the competition Poetic Microphony.

Guguto Memeto (A village on the edge of reason)

Branislav Stošić
Branislav Stošić, Stefan Tićmi
Duško Mazalica, Božana Bijelić, Tijana Pečenčić
Zoran Pilipović
Goran Puzić
Đorđe Ćirić
Festivals & Awards
Sarajevo Film Festival

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