The Beasts

  • Rodrigo Sorogoyen
  • Spain, France
  • 2022
  • 137'
  • As Bestas

– Available at from 7 Nov, 10:00 until 12 Nov, 23:00

Premiering at Cannes, this intense thriller directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen (Madre – ZFF 2020; The Realm – ZFF 2019; May God Save Us – ZFF 2017) centres on a married couple, Antoine (Denis Ménochet) and Olga, who leave France and move to a small Galician village in Spain, looking for a peaceful life in the countryside. Yearning for idyllic country life, they throw themselves into farming and renovating the run-down house they bought. But their run-ins with their fellow villagers are far from ideal, and when they refuse to support the wind farm construction in the village, things escalate. The film won a total of nine Goya Awards, including Best Film, Director, Screenplay, Lead and Supporting Actor.

Subtitles: HR, EN

Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Master of political crime thrillers, Rodrigo Sorogoyen started his career as a TV series writer. Author of feature films Madre (ZFF 2020), The Realm (ZFF 2019; Goya Awards – Best Director, Best Original Screenplay), May God Save Us (ZFF 2017; San Sebastián – Jury Award for Best Screenplay) and Stockholm (2013).

The Beasts

Rodrigo Sorogoyen
Isabel Peña, Rodrigo Sorogoyen
Denis Ménochet, Marina Foïs, Luis Zahera, Diego Anido, Marie Colomb
Alejandro de Pablo
Alberto del Campo
Ibon Cormenzana, Ignasi Estapé, Sandra Tapia Díaz, Eduardo Villanueva, Nacho Lavilla, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Jean Labadie, Anne-Laure Labadie, Thomas Pibarot
Arcadia Motion Pictures, Caballo Films, Cronos Entertainment, Le Pacte
Festivals & Awards
Cannes Film Festival; Mediterranean Film Festival Split; San Sebastián Int'l Film Festival – Audience Award; Mar del Plata Int'l Film Festival; César Awards – Best Foreign Film

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