The Dog That Peed Itself out of Happiness

  • Ilija Zeković
  • Montenegro
  • 2023
  • 22'

– Available at from 7 Nov, 10:00 until 12 Nov, 23:00

It is the end of summer in a small seaside town. Jakša is an introverted young man who feels most comfortable in his own head, letting life unfold unfettered around him. When the girl he has been in love with for years decided to go abroad, for the first time in his life, Jakša gets the urge to finally face reality and take life into his own hands.

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Ilija Zeković

Ilija Zeković is a first-year graduate student of Film Direction at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje. His film The Dog That Peed Itself Out of Happiness received a Special Mention at the Montenegro Film Festival.

The Dog That Peed Itself out of Happiness

Ilija Zeković
Ilija Zeković
Nemanja Todorović, Maša Božović, Vesna Vujošević, Ognjen Sekulić, Kaća Žarić, Dušan Vojinović, Stefan Radović, Ernesto Kolarić
Bane Kljajić, Boško Purić
Aleksandar Jurić
Anja Kečalović, Nikola Zeković
Fakultet dramskih umjetnosti u Cetinju
Festivals & Awards
Montenegro Film festival – Special Mention

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