My Neighbour Wolf

  • Nebojša Slijepčević
  • Croatia, Serbia
  • 2022
  • 17'

– Available at from 7 Nov, 10:00 until 12 Nov, 23:00

The villages near the Croatian border with Bosnia are mostly deserted, abandoned by the authorities, and forgotten by the world. The last few inhabitants live in extreme poverty and are left to fend for themselves against frequent attacks of wild beasts. The film is based on true events.

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Nebojša Slijepčević

Nebojša Slijepčević graduated in film direction from ADU. He directed a number of successful and award-winning feature and short films (Gangster of Love, Srbenka, Real Man’s Film, Something About Life) which were shown at prestigious festivals worldwide. He won a number of awards for his work, including four awards at the Sarajevo Film Festival and the national Vladimir Nazor Award for Best Film (Srbenka). He works as a lecturer and mentor at Restart’s School of Documentary Film.


My Neighbour Wolf

Nebojša Slijepčević
Nebojša Slijepčević
Nebojša Borojević, Igor Hamer, Mladen Ptičar
Bojan Mrđenović
Dragan von Petrovic
Nebojša Slijepčević, Tibor Keser, Marija Stojnić, Andrijana Sofranić Sućur
Paradoks, Marija Stojnić PR Bilboke
Festivals & Awards
Sarajevo Film Festival; CinEast; Auteur Film Festival

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